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Habitual Happiness

On Demand
People everywhere are searching for the key to a better life–improved health, career advancement and overall fulfillment. Whether you want to be more productive, reduce your stress, or jump-start your motivation levels, you may be missing a foundational component. This presentation will challenge your thoughts about the keys to realizing your greatest level of fulfillment in your career and other important areas of your life. Learn a fresh and powerful approach to improve productivity and gain a greater sense of accomplishment. You’ll walk away with practical tools to help you build a stronger foundation for happiness and success.

See It, Own It, Do It

On Demand
In some workplaces, there appears to be more blame-storming than brainstorming. The impact of a lack of accountability on workplace morale and productivity can be overwhelming. In this seminar, we will define accountability and its significance to your particular role at your organization. You will identify the importance of delivering high quality, timely work and its impact; demonstrate how to accept responsibility for decisions made and actions taken no matter the outcome; define effectiveness and its significance to the organization. You will learn a tool for assessing your own strengths and developmental areas and apply active listening skills when receiving feedback on performance. Learn to set personal SMART goals to achieve new and better results. Finally, you will identify methods to identify solutions for changing behavior based on the feedback you’ve received.

Managing Your Emotions at Work

On Demand
Research shows those who are most successful at work demonstrate a high degree of emotional intelligence. This dynamic training enables participants to develop skills to recognize how their emotions affect their work performance, teaches strategies to manage those emotions, and offers ideas on how to be socially aware of the needs of others in order to manage relationships effectively and responsibly.