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You probably wish you had less stress and more time, right? Your employees do too! Did you know that your employees can reduce their stress and actually gain back some of their time by utilizing EAP work-life solutions? In fact, we make employee’s lives easier by doing the legwork of locating the services and products they need. That way, employees have more time and less to worry about. Now they can focus on what’s important at work and at home.

A few examples of products and services we are able to help locate include:

  • Childcare
  • Adult care
  • Home repairs services
  • Housing
  • Pet care
  • Educational resources
  • Vacation planning
  • Entertainment


You name it, we’ll help your employees find it. A simple phone call and a brief chat with a work-life specialist starts the process. In just a few days your employee will receive the search results.

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