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Workplace Solutions is a group of dedicated professionals who provide assistance and resources to individuals and families to create a satisfying and meaningful life. We’re counselors, attorneys, financial professionals and experienced specialists in a wide variety of fields. Because life’s challenges and opportunities show up in a range of different areas, we provide assistance in a number of different ways.

Our history:

We began our business over 30 years ago with a simple truth: we truly enjoy helping people. We understand the unique challenges and responsibilities that both organizations and their employees face. Workplace Solutions is committed to providing targeted and practical solutions. Whether you need help for a personal concern or resources for day-to-day needs, we are proud of our “get to the solution” culture. We find solutions that help bring out the best in employees and family members. Because of this, we are dedicated to providing the highest standards of service. This way, you can quickly take advantage of the assistance and resources that are right for you.

Why we do this:

We do this because we know that life can be complicated, challenging, and joyful, and it has its share of ups and downs. People are resourceful and resilient, oftentimes navigating obstacles themselves or with the support of family and friends. At times, though, we can all use the guidance of an experienced counselor or consultant. Think of it as a shortcut to accomplishing things in the best and quickest way possible. We strongly believe that seeking help in difficult moments is a sign of strength. When people are willing to take this critical step, we help people overcome challenges and build their lives into something that they are proud of.

How we do this:

We understand that challenges can happen at any time, and we make ourselves available 24/7/365 to assist you. We are a confidential resource that assists you in preparing for and managing life’s expected and unexpected events. Our services and resources provide immediate access to experienced professionals and user-friendly online tools.

Our Insights