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Confidential short-term counseling with an experienced professional will help your employees develop a plan to improve an area of their personal or professional lives. A Workplace Solutions counselor will help the individual identify the next steps and the best solutions for them. Also, the counselor acts as a professional guide when the employee puts their plan into action. We listen carefully, ask the right questions and provide feedback and suggestions. As a result, we can help our clients stay focused on their goal. Whether a problem is just beginning to become an issue or if it has become an urgent situation, counseling services can help. Our goal is to help restore a person’s well-being, both at home and at work.

How can short-term counseling services help?

Short-term counseling helps with many types of situations. Counseling commonly addresses stress, change, relationship issues, parenting, grief, substance abuse, emotional concerns like depression and anxiety, feeling ‘stuck’ in one’s life, work challenges, family concerns, conflicts with others, and many other areas. Workplace Solutions’ compassionate counselors have experience with a wide range of concerns. We work to help build clients’ resilience, so they can effectively manage life’s problems.

Workplace Solutions makes it easy!

We understand that it is often hard for someone to take the first step to ask for help. So we make it as easy as possible for your people to get in touch with us. They can call us toll-free, use the chat feature on our website, send us an email, or use our app to contact us. A trained counselor will help the caller describe their situation and make recommendations for next steps. Typically, the caller is connected to an EAP counselor for short-term counseling. Occasionally, a caller describes a problem that needs a more intensive or long-term approach. In that instance, the counselor will connect the caller to the appropriate resources in their community.

Counseling is confidential

In today’s world, many are concerned about the privacy of their information. Client confidentiality is of critical importance to us as well. Workplace Solutions follows HIPAA policy. Therefore, we do not share information with others without written permission. An exception would occur if someone is in danger of hurting themselves or others, or if disclosure is required by law. With this in mind, we work hard to build trust with our clients to make their counseling experience as effective as possible.

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