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Workplace Solutions’ legal-financial solutions provide experienced professionals to consult with employees and their family members on a wide range of situations.


  • “We want to start the adoption process but don’t know where to turn.”
  • “My child wants to go to a college out of state, but I don’t know how we’ll pay for it.”
  • “My landlord is threatening to end my lease. I don’t know what to do next.”
  • “We’re ready to buy our first home, but what is our first step?”
  • “I have a lot of student debt. What do I do?”

… and much more!

Legal Services

A qualified attorney will consult with callers for up to 30 minutes on a covered question or concern.* Consultations can be telephonic or in-person with a local attorney. Meetings with in-person attorneys are scheduled ahead of time, however meetings with telephonic attorneys are often immediate.

A consultation consists of a brief analysis of the situation and advice on how to proceed. If the employee chooses to retain the referred attorney, in many cases, he or she receives up to a 25% discount off the attorney’s hourly fee. Examples of covered issues include family law, bankruptcy, adoption, elder care, wills/trusts/estate planning, consumer issues, and civil and criminal issues.

* There is no document review or creation during this free consultation. Other exclusions: employment law as it relates to employees and family members, issues related to one’s own business, class action lawsuits, and taxes.

Financial Services

Financial Assist provides access to qualified financial advisors to help callers with financial topics*, including debt and credit issues, saving money and budgeting. Since counselors address issues telephonically, they follow up with the caller by mailing supporting educational materials. Advisors are available without an appointment Monday through Friday, or through pre-scheduled Saturday appointments. Advice is objective and pressure-free, and all advisors are knowledgeable in a wide range of financial topics.

* Exclusions: tax issues, counseling, advice on or comparison of specific financial services or products

ID Recovery

The ID Recovery service provides telephonic consultations to help individuals recover from and minimize the impact of a breach of their identity. During a 30-minute consultation with an identity recovery professional, the professional will first assess the situation. Then an action plan is created, and the professional will consult with the caller on implementing their plan. This service can reduce time spent repairing a compromised credit history, and it can help restores peace-of-mind while helping undo the damage.

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