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Workplace Solutions helps employees and leaders thrive during times of global, dynamic and ever-changing challenges.

Training is Important

The concept of the lifetime learner is more than just a good idea, it’s essential for staying up to date in a rapidly changing workplace. Because of this, Workplace Solutions helps its customers stay informed on topics related to both professional and personal goals. We do this by providing positive, inspiring education and training options for a variety of audiences.

Relevant Content

Workplace Solutions has the information that employees want and need. Education on how to succeed in the workplace includes topics such as communication skills, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution strategies, managing distractions and day-to-day demands. Also important are seminars on how to attain personal goals. Enhanced stress management skills, managing emotions, personal development plans, wellness and healthy living are examples of areas in which goal-setting is key.

We help HR staff and managers increase employee skill sets by providing relevant and useful information. Work-focused topics include leadership skills, customer service, mutual respect, goal setting, team development and healthy work relationships. Leveraging employees’ strengths as well as helping them learn how to create desired changes can significantly impact employee success, productivity, health and happiness both at work and at home.


Training is available in a variety of formats. Depending on needs and time availability, a variety of options are available:

  • Worksite education, including live in-person training from our topics catalog
  • Remote education via webinar, including live options (Webinars@Work) and on-demand options (available to all eligible employees and family members)
  • Our LifeSpeak partner offers a collection of over 1000 webinars on a wide range of topics ranging from personal health and wellness and professional development to relationships and financial fitness. Because these videos are organized into manageable, downloadable 8-10-minute segments, it’s easier for employees to learn. These webinars are also available to all EAP-eligible employees and family members.


Three levels of worksite education are available:

Gold Standard: These popular one-hour presentations are suitable for a variety of audiences.

Semi-Custom: Using our Gold Standard content as the foundation, our trainers will work with you to customize the experience through case examples and/or interactive exercises to meet specific business needs and objectives.

Custom: Our professional trainers will complete a needs assessment and consult with you to define and target desired outcomes. As a result, your employees’ learning experience will include customized content and training activities utilizing relevant business cases.


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