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How to Be More Engaged at Work

February 18, 2019

Turn to Your EAP When Learning How to Be More Engaged at Work

Are you passionate about your work or do you find yourself mentally counting down the hours before the day even starts? If you fall into the less-than-passionate category, you’re not alone. Chances are, plenty of your coworkers are wondering how to be more engaged at work and enjoy the associated benefits.

In fact, 53% of American workers aren’t engaged. But improved engagement at work can lead to better health and an overall sense of security and satisfaction. Making your work engagement level a priority is wise and turning to your company’s EAP is a great first step to take.

Why Work Engagement Matters

What you may not realize is that work disengagement can cause a domino effect of issues, and not just for you. Your coworkers, family, and future can all be severely affected.

Some believe that because they fulfill the basic requirements of the job description that they’re engaged and valuable. But a wandering mind and a stressed-out mentality can lead to any of the following.

  • Poor customer service resulting in lost business
  • Slow individual productivity that leaves coworkers to pick up the slack
  • Unsafe decisions that can cause serious harm to oneself or coworkers
  • Poor attendance resulting in financial loss or termination
  • An overall sense of discontent that feeds disengagement

Even if you’ve gone to management or they’ve approached you, they’re not trained to assist you when it comes to personal matters (or they’re not allowed due to company protocol). However, organizations that partner with an EAP have taken a positive step to helping employees learn how to be more engaged at work.

How to Be More Engaged at Work

Don’t succumb to negativity if you have realized you’re not engaged at work. There are plenty of reasons why this happens. Some of the most common reasons employees are distracted include:

  • Relationship difficulties
  • Financial issues
  • Emotional health
  • Legal problems
  • Substance abuse

But there are proven steps you can take to gain back your passion. Consider any of these tips.

Find your motivation

Maybe your position isn’t your dream job, but it is a step towards what you’re working for in life. Maybe you want to provide your family with financial security or you’re saving for that dream vacation. Whenever you’re struggling to engage, remind yourself why you’re there in the first place.

Practice gratitude

Sometimes a shift in perspective is all it takes to find your purpose again. Start each day by reminding yourself of what you’re grateful for. It might be difficult at first, but you’ll find the more you practice gratitude, the easier it is to find the silver lining in any situation, including those trying days at work.

Take care of you

If you’re sick you can’t perform to your full potential. This doesn’t apply to solely physical ailments. You need to take care of your mental health as well. If you’re overworked, overstressed, or struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel, your work is sure to be affected. Do what you need to do to take care of yourself. This could include counseling or taking some time off to focus on personal matters.

Let Your EAP Help

Your EAP can help the disengaged employee. Employees who work with their EAP experience noticeable reductions in absenteeism and presenteeism compared to employees without access to EAP services.

Here’s how your EAP could help you reengage.

Legal and financial solutions

If debt or financial situations are weighing you down, the professional services of your EAP can help you find a solution you can work towards. If you’re having relationship issues or need legal counsel, a qualified attorney can assist you through your company’s EAP.

Short-term counseling

If you feel stuck or have lost the passion you used to bring with you to the job, a few counseling sessions may put you on a path towards healing. Should your EAP feel you would benefit from additional professional assistance, referrals will be provided.

Workplace consultations

Sometimes, you can find a trend between employees and disengagement that may be due to changes in the organization. Your EAP can work with both employees and management to pinpoint issues and provide solutions that keep the right numbers coming in for management while providing a better environment for employees.


Remember, your EAP is a neutral third party. While management’s primary focus is production and an employee’s primary focus is their own wellbeing, your EAP can help find a way to fulfill everyone’s needs simultaneously.

As an employee, you’re responsible for making sure the best version of yourself shows up at work. If you’re struggling with how to be more engaged at work, your EAP can ensure productivity and passion mesh once again.

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