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International Travel Expatriate Resources Repatriation Support

Global Employee Assistance Programs
for Expatriates and Local Nationals

A multi-national talent management strategy requires finding, developing and retaining talent everywhere in the world. Employers who promote both the professional development and well-being of their staff in every country will gain the competitive advantage of a more fully engaged, loyal global workforce. Workplace Solutions will customize a suite of global services that meet the unique needs of your organization.


Workplace Solutions provides access to an online portal to assist international travelers. We provide access to comprehensive profiles with detailed information for 10 to 170+ countries as needed. Profiles include information on language, culture, travel and transportation, finance and healthcare needs.


Increasingly, an expatriate assignment is a requirement for advancement to senior leadership roles. Yet, living overseas can be stressful and demanding. Cultural dislocation, family disruption and reduced social supports can interfere with a successful international work experience. Studies of American expatriates report assignment failure rates ranging from 16-40% (Mobility, 2011).

International Travel Family

From selection of candidates who are likely to succeed, preparation for the assignment, support for the employee and family while abroad, and repatriation assistance, Workplace Solutions can help you maximize ROI on your expatriate programs.


Workplace Solutions provides your employees and their families with guidance and support to prepare to live abroad successfully.

  • Cultural Business Fit to develop skills needed for successful adaption.
  • Personal and Family Fit to set expectations and identify needed resources.


Based upon the expatriate program needs of your organization, Workplace Solutions will assist you in selecting the online resources that best fit your needs.
  • International Relocation Center provides online relocation resources for employees and family members to access in depth information for 10-170+ countries.
  • Global Mobility Portal provides a company branded self-service, cloud-based portal that allows Human Resource administrators to consolidate information, links and forms for use by employees and family members.
  • Our World Connect creates a private network utilizing cutting edge social media tools and resources. Your employees and their families can connect with other expatriates in their chosen country.


Designed to assist with both workplace and personal challenges, this program increases the probability that your employee will continue to grow with your organization.


Choosing Workplace Solutions as your global EAP partner gives you access to Account Management consultation for your global human resources staff and regional managers. Account Management Services include programs for both expatriates and local national employees. Workplace Solutions coordinates closely with our global EAP partners to ensure seamless service to employees.

  • Expatriate Programs
  • Local National Programs

Call today for more information on how to bring out the best in your global workforce.

Global Solutions

More than 50% of a large sample of expatriate employees were at high risk for anxiety and depression. Risks for substance abuse and relationship problems were also significantly higher among US expatriates than for employees working in the US.

~ Stress and Mental Health: Expatriates at Risk. Mobility, October, 2011.

Key factors responsible for assignment failure –

  • Poor candidate selection
  • Spouse/partner dissatisfaction
  • Family concerns
  • Inability to adapt