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An EAP offers customized solutions for work-life problems.




Provide your staff with work-life resources that will advance their health, wellbeing, and overall productivity.

  • Education and training opportunities
  • Short-term counseling for personal or professional issues
  • Assistance identifying childcare or eldercare providers
  • Help locating home maintenance workers or other vendors
  • Free or discounted legal and financial advice and resources
  • Advice on caring for their mental health
  • Much, much more!


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Employee Services

For HR Professionals

Why Workplace Solutions

Employee Services

Workplace Solutions helps your employees boost productivity and wellness in their personal and professional lives. The benefit is cost-free to the employee and offers a variety of resources such as short-term counseling, work-life resource searches, legal-financial consultations, educational videos and webinars, newsletters, tips, and other resources to tackle everyday issues. Because we are a third-party provider, employees are more comfortable utilizing the EAP. Your business benefits when employees are happy, healthy and productive.

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For HR Professionals

Workplace Solutions professionals provide assistance to HR professionals when a difficult workplace situation arises with an employee. Whether an employee experiences professional or behavioral issues, what you’re observing may be related to a personal concern outside of work. When the employee works on improving their performance at work and utilizes EAP resources, there’s a good chance that the employee will see improvement in both areas. We consult with HR professionals on the best way to manage the situation.

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Workplace Solutions has over three decades of experience in delivering comprehensive EAP services to organizations in a variety of industries. We understand the unique nuances and necessary demands of a diverse workforce. We take measures to ensure all members of your workforce are responded to appropriately. We are based in the Chicagoland area and deliver our services locally, nationally and globally.


A Dedicated Partnership

Our team of professionals brings a collaborative problem-solving approach to your organization. Whether a challenging employee situation, a departmental concern or an organizational initiative, we are active partners in meeting your needs. We strive to understand your unique business culture to provide best-in-class service that fits your needs. Our desire to partner with and integrate into each of our client organizations sets us apart.


Unmatched Responsiveness 

Workplace Solutions is there for your employees 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A master’s level, licensed counselor will take your call. Our team promptly responds to crisis situations and traumatic events in the workplace. We ask the right questions to understand the concerns—connecting employees to the appropriate resources the first time. We deliver personalized service, exceeding the expectations of those we serve.



Workplace Solutions provides a variety of access points for our services. In addition to face-to-face meetings and telephonic consultation and counseling, you and your employees have access to a robust, interactive website portal containing a wealth of resources for both individuals and HR professionals.


Demonstrated Creativity 

Out-of-the-box thinking is the Workplace Solutions norm. Through posters, postcards, newsletters, and educational flyers and webinars, our team of professionals develops state of the art promotional materials. These materials are often available in electronic or hard copy formats.


Learning and Development

Workplace Solutions continually develops high quality, relevant educational programs to meet the needs and interests of our diverse clientele. From dynamic onsite delivery to convenient monthly webinars and a wealth of online e-learning and skill builders, we create seamless access to meaningful content. With areas of expertise ranging from risk reduction and productivity enhancement to family and well-being, we help you bring out the best in your people.

Experience first-hand why a diverse range of organizations—from large, global corporations to public sector agencies and small businesses—put their trust in Workplace Solutions to bring out the best in their people and their business.


See how Workplace Solutions can benefit you today.