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Workplace Solutions has over three decades of experience in delivering comprehensive EAP services to organizations in a variety of industries. We are based in the Chicago area and deliver our services locally, nationally and globally. Experience first-hand why a diverse range of organizations—from large, global corporations to public sector agencies and small businesses—put their trust in Workplace Solutions to bring out the best in their people and their business.

EAPs (Employee Assistance Programs) provide a wide range of services to employees and their family members so that they can meet professional and personal demands. Ultimately, this leads to greater life satisfaction and peace of mind.

Today, EAPs offer numerous additional services. For example, resource and referral searches help locate solutions for common needs. Your employees may spend time searching for child or adult care, home repair services, education options, health and wellness resources, or even pet services. The EAP will quickly and efficiently guide them to the desired resources. Employees can take advantage of consultations with experienced professionals to address difficult and unexpected situations and problems. Also, learning and development services increase employee knowledge and skills.