How to Be More Engaged at Work

February 18, 2019

Turn to Your EAP When Learning How to Be More Engaged at Work Are you passionate about your work or do you find yourself mentally counting down the hours before the day even starts? If you fall into the less-than-passionate category, you’re not alone. Chances are, plenty of your coworkers are wondering how to be […]

Employees with Grit are More Successful

January 28, 2019

Are You Gritty? Why Employees with grit are taking over the workplace. GRIT. Do you have it? Maybe it’s a characteristic you’re proud to have. Or maybe you’ve never put much thought into it. Either way, the concept of grit has been gaining attention as the potential link to individual success. One of those conducting research […]

When Was the Last Time You Had a Financial Health Check?

January 3, 2019

An EAP can provide the financial health check you need. You’re not alone if you’re stressed at work, even if the stress doesn’t come from the usual sources like meetings or deadlines. Several studies have found that employees spend up to an hour of their workday stressed over personal finances, which can affect your ability […]

3 Safe Holiday Conversation Starters (and 3 to Avoid)

November 28, 2018

Avoid Family Conflict with These Safe Holiday Conversation Starters The holidays can bring out the best in people. But they can also be the perfect setup for family fallouts and relationship conflicts. Whether you picture yourself surrounded by close family and friends at an oversized dinner table or prefer to keep your festivities on the […]

Mentoring – Inspiring Success in Others

March 3, 2018

Are you thinking about finding a mentor? Has someone asked you to mentor them? Does your organization have a mentoring program? As our business landscape becomes increasingly competitive, the advantages of well-structured mentoring programs and relationships become apparent. Mentor programs can help attract, develop and retain talented employees; they can help with diversity initiatives and […]

Succession Planning

February 28, 2018

Succession planning has become a buzzword in today’s human resources and business communities. It’s no wonder: as “first wave” baby boomers begin to retire, some high-level executives of our organizations will be among them. Because the volume of retiring executive level leaders are expected to be proportionately greater than in the past, organizations must ensure […]

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