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Workplace Solutions

Webinar Registration 2017

Date Title Time
Dec. 19, Tue. Diversity in the Workplace: Maintaining an Inclusive Environment On Demand


Webinar Registration 2018

Date Title Time
Jan. 16, Tue. Everything in its Place: Getting Organized On Demand
Jan. 18, Thu. Habitual Happiness 12pm - 1pm CST
(1pm - 2pm EST)
Feb. 20, Tue. Self-Care: Remaining Resilient On Demand
Mar. 15, Thu. 7 Facets of Employee Engagement 12pm - 1pm CST
(1pm - 2pm EST)
Mar. 20, Tue. Your Routine Financial Checkup On Demand
Apr. 17, Tue. Maintaining Respect and Civility in the Workplace On Demand
May 15, Tue. DIY: Apps and Guides for Household Management On Demand
May 17, Thu. Managing Your Emotions at Work 12pm - 1pm CST
(1pm - 2pm EST)
Jun. 19, Tue. Improve Your Health with Proper Ergonomics and Frequent Movement On Demand
Jul. 17, Tue. Eating Your Way to Wellness On Demand
Aug. 2, Thu. See It, Own It, Do It 12pm - 1pm CST
(1pm - 2pm EST)
Aug. 21, Tue. Technology and Keeping Your Kids Safe On Demand
Sep. 18, Tue. Creating a Personal Development Plan On Demand
Sep. 20, Thu. Negativity in the Workplace 12pm - 1pm CST
(1pm - 2pm EST)
Oct. 16, Tue. A Personal Guide to Building Resiliency and Coping with Change On Demand
Nov. 15, Thu. Avoiding Burnout 12pm - 1pm CST
(1pm - 2pm EST)
Nov. 20, Tue. Caring for Aging Relatives On Demand
Dec. 18, Tue. Say What You Mean the Right Way: Healthy Forms of Communication On Demand


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