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Date Title Time
Jan 17, Tues 2017 Maintaining Personal and Fiscal Resiliency During Tough Economic Times On Demand
Jan 19, Thurs 2017 Getting Results Without Authority: How to influence key stakeholders in your network 12pm - 1pm CST
(1pm - 2pm EST)
Feb 21, Tues 2017 Creativity 101: Learn to tap into your creativity On Demand
Mar 16, Thurs 2017 Network & Relationship Building: Growing and managing your professional relationships 12pm - 1pm CST
(1pm - 2pm EST)
Mar 21, Tues 2017 Disrupting Negative Thoughts: Taking a more mindful approach On Demand
Apr 18, Tues 2017 Compassion Fatigue: Increasing resiliency On Demand
May 16, Tues 2017 Raising Well-Adjusted Kids: Foster positive mental health in children and teens On Demand
May 18, Thurs 2017 Performing Under Pressure: The science of doing your best when it matters most 12pm - 1pm CST
(1pm - 2pm EST)
Jun 20, Tues 2017 Emotional Support: Staying balanced in a changing world On Demand
Jul 18, Tues 2017 Managing in a Multigenerational Workplace On Demand
Jul 20, Thurs 2017 Shifting Perspectives: A realistic approach to positive thinking 12pm - 1pm CST
(1pm - 2pm EST)
Aug 15, Tues 2017 Bereavement: Coping with loss On Demand
Sep 19, Tues 2017 Information Overload: Tips and tools for effectively managing information On Demand
Sep 21, Thurs 2017 Facing Roadblocks: How to manage the unexpected 12pm - 1pm CST
(1pm - 2pm EST)
Oct 17, Tues 2017 Improve Your Health With Ergonomics and Frequent Movement On Demand
Nov 16, Thurs 2017 The Power of Persuasion: How to influence others 12pm - 1pm CST
(1pm - 2pm EST)
Nov 21, Tues 2017 The Mind-Body Connection: Keeping the body calm for well-being and optimal health On Demand
Dec 19, Tues 2017 Diversity in the Workplace: Maintaining an inclusive environment On Demand


Webinar Registration
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