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Workplace Solutions

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HR and Managers
HR and Managers

Our Approach

Get A QuoteAre you looking for a collaborative partner with the necessary expertise to strengthen your workforce?

Workplace Solutions delivers dynamic, comprehensive employee assistance programs, wellness and organizational effectiveness services. Our innovative approach integrates business knowledge and behavioral expertise to address challenges that cost you time, energy and productivity.

  • We seek to acquire a deep understanding of your unique culture.
  • We come to appreciate what being the best means to you.
  • We apply these insights to develop creative solutions that meet your needs.

We help you gain strategic advantage by implementing focused, productivity-driven solutions to manage employee concerns and organizational challenges.

Experience first-hand why a diverse range of organizations—from large, global corporations to public sector agencies and small businesses—put their trust in Workplace Solutions to bring out the best in their people and their business.

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WEBINAR | Leaders Open Doors: A radically simple approach to life people, profits and performance
The simple truth is that leaders open doors of opportunity for others. Open Door Leaders align organizational needs with the career aspirations of those they lead. People and organizations grow when they intentionally pursue goals that stretch their skills and test their mettle. MORE



WEBINAR | Information Overload: Life in 140 characters or less
Most of us love technology, but sometimes wish there were better ways to manage the overload. When was the last time you “unplugged” yourself? Tune in to this webinar to discover strategies for tuning out the excess information and reconnecting to what’s important to you. MORE


Depression Awareness
Most people experience ups and downs in life. Sadness is a normal reaction to events such as the loss of a friend or a setback at work. But if feelings of emptiness or despair take hold and are interfering with your ability to function or enjoy time spent with friends or family, you may be experiencing depression. MORE


Leaders Open Doors
Leadership works best when it is kept simple—especially amidst the rapidly changing pace of the workplace—but your approach towards it may involve some extra effort up front. Glenn Llopis suggests, leadership is learned behavior. If you’re thinking you don’t have time to devote towards learning new ways of interacting, guiding and mentoring employees, you may want to consider you don’t have time not to do so. Investing in your employees will pay off in the long run. Spending time guiding, mentoring and advancing the skills of your team is key in developing top talent and increasing profits. It’s a win-win scenario. MORE

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